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Everyone has an origin, and for Westwind that started in 1995 when John Bidasio and Mike Post realized they had an opportunity to build a facility to better serve their client’s creative needs in audio post-production. John and Mike’s goal was simple, to be an artist-driven place for story tellers to create, and that tradition continues today.


Spanning nearly thirty years, Westwind’s award-winning creative talent continues to help story tellers imagine and elevate the story with their creative services and our experience includes myriad of genres in Film, Streaming and Television.


Westwind specializes in sound design, mixing and audio post-production. We have an industry-leading facility with four Dolby ATMOS mix stages, ADR stage and ADR isolation suites, Foley stage, Sound Design, Sound Editorial and Final Mix. We are proudly supported by the best engineering team who works closely with our creatives to help obtain the best product for our clients.

We are located in Burbank, CA, but with remote services offered today, you can hear us from anywhere in the world in real time. 

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100 W Alameda Ave, Burbank, CA 91502, USA

(818) 972-9000

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